The idea for Knit & Breathe retreats surfaced in 2016. Over coffee and ginger tea, we imagined how wonderful it would be to spend an entire weekend just…knitting. Eating. Chatting. Knitting. Laughing. Maybe a bit of yoga if we felt up to it.

We realised that if we were excited at the thought of it, other people like us – like you – would be too.

And then the prospect of creating escapes for kindred spirits became even more compelling than just running off together for the weekend. So now, that’s what we do:

We devote ourselves to finding breathtaking locations, and then whisk small groups of like-minded people away.

We combine beautiful surroundings, knitting workshops, delicious food, and unstructured time with different ways for you to relax and feel in flow – forest walks, soothing massage sessions, or perhaps some gentle yoga practice.

This blend creates peaceful escapes for you to connect and unwind. Where you can indulge yourself, doing what you enjoy with friends (old and new), and have some time to just…breathe.

Have Questions?
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