I’m a new knitter – can I come?
Sure – we have a few spots which we keep reserved for relative beginners (they sell out fast!) You just need to have a handle on the basics. Have a look at our skill levels guide on our website and see where you fit in.

What are we going to do?
Knit. Eat. Yoga. Chat. Eat. Knit. Sleep. Laugh. Knit. Eat. Yoga. We’ll have a timetable when you arrive, but honestly – it’s up to you as to how much or how little you want to do.
If you’re a knitting tech-lover you’ll love the workshops we’ve organized, but the atmosphere is casual and the pace is relaxed.

So if you want do as little as possible, just knit with some company, take long naps, stare into space, maybe do some yoga if you’re up to it, then this weekend is perfect for you.

What do you do in the workshops?
We like to run our retreats a little differently from other craft retreats; knitting is a time-intensive craft, so it’s difficult to start and finish a meaningful project over such a short period of time. Our experience is that people really value learning new skills and techniques more than producing a small finished item, which might not be to everyone’s taste or interest. So Beth develops techniques-based workshops that are scaled according to skill level. Being able to cater for everyone is the major reason that we keep our numbers so limited on our retreats. It means we can keep the workshop content really interesting and still make sure everyone has the support that they need.

Relative beginners are able to follow and learn, and experienced knitters are kept challenged and interested. We’ve never had anyone throw their hands up in despair, and no-one’s ever been bored! We include an awesome pattern that incorporates the various techniques you’ve learned and practiced over the weekend. You take it home and try out your new skills at your own pace, and end up making a meaningful finished object.

You’ll leave as an inspired, more accomplished knitter, instead of going home with a tea cosy.

Knitting skills guide
All knitters are welcome – just let us know where you’re at so we can plan for it. We make sure everyone has the attention and support they need, and we’ve got a few spaces reserved especially for beginners. (Sign up before they’re gone!)

  • BEGINNER – got the basics down – knit and purl (and can tell the difference!), casting on, binding off, basic increases and decreases. Now what?
  • CONFIDENT – manage to grasp most techniques and at ease with the basics. Ready to tackle some advanced methods.
  • EXPERIENCED – pretty accomplished, comfortable with almost all techniques, but on the look out for innovative or unconventional know-how.

Does it matter if I’ve never done yoga before?

Great time to give it a try! Our yoga classes are low-key, gentle, and free of any pressure.

What kind of yoga do you do?
The style of yoga is known as Integral Hatha yoga. We keep it slow, gentle, and mindful.
Nina’s love and knowledge of Ayurveda is incorporated into the classes. If you are a complete beginner you will enjoy learning in a slow environment. If you’ve done yoga for a while, you’ll be introduced to alternative ways on how to do many of the classic postures with more support for your specific body structure. If you are an experienced yogi, you can enjoy the opportunity of working more mindfully as you go into that still and contemplative space.

Yoga skills guide

  • NEW – there’s a first time for everything!
  • BEGINNER – got the basics down – I can do a cat stretch, downward dog and warrior poses, and I know how to breath slowly and deeply through my nose.
  • CONFIDENT – manage to grasp most postures easily and go to classes regularly.
  • EXPERIENCED – pretty accomplished, comfortable with almost all movements and love to experience different classes and styles of yoga.

Can I bring a non-knitting- non-yogi friend or partner?
At some of our retreats you can, but it depends on the venue.

I would love to be a goodie bag and/or lucky draw sponsor for Knit & Breathe events!
Fabulous! We would love to hear about your business and products / services.
Our sponsorship partners are hand-picked, where possible natural, organic and proudly South African.
We have a sponsorship proposal which outlines our offering in terms of promoting your business ~ You’re welcome to contact us to discuss this.