Weekend Retreat ~ Rivertime ~ March 2016

4 – 6 March 2016
2 Night Retreat with Nina Saaks, Beth Burke & Gina Ross

Rivertime, where the Berg River meets the ocean. We found a beautiful house to call home for the weekend. To relax in with no demands on our time.  A small group of kindred spirits, who needed a getaway. We slowed our busy lives down.

A bright house. An amazing setting. Lazing on the deck overlooking the banks of the river. Golden light.Languid poolside cocktails. Old friends. New friends. Laughter. Starry night skies. Gorgeous home cooked meals prepared for you. Sunsets on the river. As much knitting as we liked… Yoga to relax the body and refresh the mind. Tranquility.

This was experienced at Rivertime.